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*Daily (24 hrs): $7.98

*3 Days Pass (72 hrs): $19.98

*Weekly Pass (168 hrs): $29.98

*Monthly (720 hrs): $45.98

*Aircube Monthly (720 hrs): $99.00

*Aircube 3 Month (2,200 hrs) Pass: $225.00

*Aircube Season (4,800 hrs): $450.00

To get connected simply connect to Maple Grove Resort WIFI and proceed through the "Signup Process".

 In order to provide our campers with  wifi, Maple Grove Rv Resort has restricted all other internet providers as we are now exclusive with McCue Consulting.

Maple Grove Rv Resort is not affiliated with any internet services. Internet is outsourced to McCue Consulting and all inquiries and questions are through them not the staff of Maple Grove Rv Resort.

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