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Frequently Asked Questions


SITE CONTRACTS: All sites are individually leased at Maple Grove Rv Resort. Lease dates fluctuate per season and each lease is per season only. The site contract is for 2 Adults and their children 18 years and younger. Children must be accompanied by the adults on the contract if they are on site. Any additional adult added to the site contract (Second Family Usage) must be approved by Management, must also sign the License of Occupation and are able to use the site during contracted lease dates. Second Family Usage is an additional $500.00 plus tax per adult.

For Security Purposes: All Contracted (Seasonal) Payments are to be paid by Debit, Chq, Bank Draft or Etransfer Only.

Cash will be accepted for Seasonal Payments through appointment only 

GATE CARDS: $25.00 plus tax and NON-REFUNDABLE. 


EXTRA FRIDGE: Extra fridge on site will be charged an extra fee per year. Small Fridge $50.00 p/t, Large Fridge $100.00 p/t.

EXTRA VEHICLES: There is a fee for extra vehicles (see office for details). All sites include 2 (two) vehicle only.  Daily car pass is $8.00 plus hst and must be registered and season car pass is $250.00 plus hst and must be registered.


SELLING YOUR TRAILER: All trailer sales must go through Maple Grove RV Resort. A sales Admin Fee of 10% plus HST is required in the form of a deposit from the Purchaser which will be deducted from the agreed purchase price. All trailers listed must be within a 10 year age span (trailers 10 years or older must be sold privately then pulled off site immediately when ownership has been exchanged) unless it is a "Peaked Roof Park Model". Park Models older than 10 years will be reviewed and approved by Park Management to be sold on site. All trailers must be priced to sell at fair market evaluation. All trailers can only be listed for one full season and then taken off the market for another full season before relisting on site or can be pulled and sold off site privately at any time. 


PAD FEES & SITE CHANGES: There is a one time entry pad fee ($1,500.00 plus tax) for any/all ‘Park Models” entering the park. You will receive an invoice from Maple Grove RV Resort upon delivery and entry (see office for details). Park models include Peak roof Park Models, Destination trailers, Travel trailer park model, and Villa Park Models.


CHANGING SITES: Anyone situated on a site and then decides to switch site’s will be charged an administrative fee of $200.00 plus Hst. If you need Maple Grove RV Resorts assistance in moving your unit there will be an additional fee based on time ($60.00 per hour minimum 1 hour charge), labor and materials.

*We do not level trailers. 

ADDITIONS TO YOUR SITE/UNIT: See Rules & Regulations

TRAILER  REPAIRS: If you require repairs on your trailer call : Tyco RV 519-654-6740 email:


Exterior Trailer, Deck & Shed Cleaning Service:  

Simply Clean Mobile Wash Inc.

Offering a variety of services with mobile pressure washing, Pricing as follows:

Trailer Exterior - $250.00 plus hst

Trailer Exterior & Deck - $300.00 plus hst

Trailer Exterior, Deck & Shed-$325.00 plus hst

We use Hot Purified Water on all applications, Spotless finish will be used on all Glass and Windows.

To Book your Clean  Contact:

Nathan Webster 


Instagram @simplycleanmobilewash

WINTERIZING & SPRING OPENING: If you require Winterizing and Spring Opening, it is Exclusive to Maple Grove Resort Only.  Please see office for sign up and information.​ No outside providers permitted


SATELLITE SERVICE: Bell, Shaw whomever you choose.


INTERNET: We have Wifi  throughout the park. Please go to the Internet Tab at the top of the page for all pricing and  information. No other Providers Permitted. We are Exclusive with McCue Enterprises. 


SPEED LIMITS: The speed limit in the park is 10km. We have people walking, riding, skipping, running and playing everywhere. We are a family environment, be respectful. This would eliminate dusting out people, eliminates the chance of rocks spitting up and hitting someone and eliminates the chances of losing control of your vehicle and running someone over. You are also responsible for informing your guests on the speed limits and rules.


PETS: All dogs must be on a leash (unless in "Dog Park") at all times, even on your site. Please make sure to pick up after your dog. Please See Pet Policy Page.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:Please See Rules & Regulations.

CANNABIS: Please See Rules & Regulations.

QUIET TIME/NOISE: Please See Rules & Regulations.

REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS at anytime. All sales are FINAL.


Please make yourself Familiar with our Rules and Regulations and the License of Occupation. 

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