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Rules & Regulations

  Seasonal Rules, Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Waivers “SCHEDULE "A"

Speed Limit throughout the park 10 km/hr


  • A SEASON: Sites are accessible each year as indicated on The License of Occupation.


  • GATE CARDS: Each site is allowed to purchase 2 Gate Cards (unless you have a Second Family Usage on File),  Gate Cards will deactivate in the event you have more than 2 cards per site or you have an outstanding balance on your account. All Gate Cards have a 40 minute delay once used, so if you go out of the park and try to return within 40 minutes your gate card will not work, and you will have to ask someone in the office to let you in.


  • VISITORS: All campers are responsible for their visitors and their visitor's fees. Visitors will not be allowed entry if you are absent from the park.  All visitors must stop at the office and register by signing a Visitor’s slip and pay the appropriate visitor’s fees. Visitor’s will not be allowed entry after 9:00 pm unless pre-arranged in advance.     DO NOT let in any visitors with your Gate Card! If the store is closed at anytime before 9:00 pm, have your visitor call call the store phone 905-659-3311 and someone will come up to Register your Visitor.


  • SECOND FAMILY USAGE: Is per Person/Season (maximum of one extra family) and must be pre-arranged in     advance. See office for forms and fees. This option allows the Second Family Usage Person the ability to use the  site/trailer without the Seasonal Contracted Camper present. A Second Family Usage form must be filled out and signed by the Seasonal Contracted Camper prior to use. The Second Family Usage person can purchase a Gate Card with this option.


  • SEASONS GUEST PASS: (non-transferable) Is per Person/Season and must be pre-arranged in advance. See office for forms and fees. This option allows the Guest to use the park all season, including overnight stays however the Seasonal Contracted Camper must always be present. A Red Guest Pass Tag will need to be displayed in their vehicle at all times while at the park. Gate Cards are not available to Guest’s with a Season’s Guest Pass, they are treated the same as a “Visitor” they must show the Red Tag upon each entry into the park and will not be allowed entry after 9:00 pm unless pre-arranged in advance.


  • SUBLETTING is Prohibited – Contracted Camping is available at Regular camping rates less 10%. This option must be pre-arranged in advance, and is limited to 2 times per year, some exceptions apply. A Regular Camping Permit will be required, and all Transient Camping Rules will apply.


  • CHILDREN: You are responsible for the actions and/or damages caused by your children so please be sure to watch them at all times. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed unattended in the campground at any time day or night.  No children, 18 years of age and under, are to stay in the campground overnight without the Signed Contracted License of Occupation person or a person who has a signed camping permit.


  • ADDITIONS to your site – All additions to your site must be approved in advance.

                                   Decks – Permit requirements for decks as per the City of Hamilton

  • A building permit is required when a deck installed meets one or more of the following criteria.

    • it is over 10 sq m (108 sq ft), it is more than 60 cm (24 in) above the adjacent grade or surface,                      it is served by 3 or more stair risers, and it serves as a principal entry to a building                                     (as defined in the Act).

    • If your planned deck meets any of the above criteria, then it is your responsibility to submit to                         the office, before building the deck, a drawing with the proper specs for Maple Grove Resort                           to apply for the permit (A sample copy of deck drawings are available upon request)

    • Do not attempt to apply for a permit on your own – It must be submitted by Maple Grove Resort!

    • Any costs incurred for the permit will be billed to you by Maple Grove Resort and is due prior to                                 Maple Grove Resort submitting the application.

    • See office for permit and application fees!


  • Your deck cannot block any Hydro, Water or Sewer Lines or Connections

  • Your deck legs cannot be dug into the ground, you must use deck concrete blocks.

  • All decks cannot be permanent and must be able to be moved.



  • Maple Grove Resort will not allow any sheds into the park that require a permit.

    • All sheds must be less than 10 sq m (108 sq ft) 

    • All sheds must be manufactured (No DIY wood sheds allowed)

    • If your shed does not meet the above criteria, you will be asked to remove it from the park.


Permit requirements for sheds as per The City of Hamilton:

  • A building permit is required when a shed (accessory building) is built (installed) on a property when                 the area is more than 10 sq m (108 sq ft) and less the 50 feet from all buildings. 

  • There was a code amendment in 2022 that increased shed size building permit exemption for a shed on a residential property, serving a house, to 15 m (no permit).            

  • That amendment does not apply as it was intended for specific sheds serving houses.



  • Add-A-Rooms/Awnings – All add-a-rooms and/or awnings must be manufactured (No wood add-a-rooms or       awnings allowed) Please contact H&H Patio Enclosures for a Quote 1-800-265-9170  

       For any of the above options please see the office for approval, please be sure to include as much information           as possible. Do not begin any type of change to your trailer or site without prior approval. Some Park Models             and some additions to your trailer may cause your unit to become MPAC assessable and therefore you will be           required to pay property taxes which are billed to you each spring.

  • SITE RESPONSIBILITY: You are allowed one unit/trailer and 2 vehicles per site. It is your responsibility to keep your  site clean and clear from clutter and to keep your grass cut and trimmed at all times. There is a fee if Maple Grove Resort has to clean up and/or cut and trim your grass. Please ensure all wood etc. is kept maintained and put away  no outside fridges, and no storage of any kind, ie: boats, utility trailers etc. is allowed at your site – See office for storage availability.


  • EXTRA FRIDGE:  There is a fee, per season, for an extra fridge and it must be contained in a small shed and not visible on your site. See office for fees.


  • EXTRA VEHICLES - There is a fee per season, for a third vehicle on your site, unless you have a second family usage. See office for fees.


  • GOLF CARTS – All golf carts must be pre-approved in advance and must be “Electric Only” There is a fee for all golf carts, Proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license must be provided before the Golf Cart is allowed entry into the park. Anyone driving the golf cart must have a valid driver’s license – children cannot drive the golf carts.

  • E-Bikes: All e-bikes must be registered and approved prior to entering the park – the speed for an e-bike is the same as a vehicle 10/KM/hr – Please see office for e-bike season fees.


  • PETS are to be on a leash at all times, unless in the dog park. Do not leave your pet unattended at anytime in the park. Please pick up after your pet. Barking and Aggressive Dogs are not allowed! No Pets allowed in any of the Resort buildings. Please see website for Pet Policies!!!


  • WATER: No washing of cars, watering of lawn, unless approved, or any type of vehicle repair work is permitted in the park. Washing of clothes or any other laundry must be done in the park's laundry facilities.


  • CLOTHES LINES are not permitted in the park, you may hang towels and bathing suits only.


  • PUMP OUTS: The Honey Wagon/Pumper Truck only comes out on Mondays and Fridays to pump                       out your black water tank.

    •  Everyone is done on Mondays - if you require a second pump out, it will be done on Friday mornings as long as you let us know by end of day on Thursdays. We do not bring the truck out on Weekends unless it is an extreme emergency! So please make sure you let us know before Friday if you require a second pump out. See office for fees for extra pump outs.

    • You should only require a second pump out if you have had many visitors. 

    • If you have not had any visitors and your sensor on your unit is showing full, then it might be because you     have tissue stuck on the sensor or you are plugged and its reading full but does not necessarily mean           you are full. Please make sure you check this before requesting a second pump out as you may be charged for something you don't need. 

    • Secondly, from experience, if you put a small garbage can next to your toilet, with a lid, for your toilet tissue   rather than putting it in your toilet you will save yourself from getting plugged toilets and covered sensors. 


  • CAMPFIRES are allowed in approved firepits only (Bon-fires are prohibited). All campfires are to be kept small and extinguished before retiring. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED! Any breach of By-law 02-283 resulting in a fine by The City of Hamilton will be your responsibility to pay (Those fees begin at $380/hour for each responding emergency vehicle) Only clean wood is to be used for campfires (Anyone under the age of 16 cannot be left unsupervised at a campfire).


  • NO FIREWORKS of any kind allowed on the property except for the Maple Grove Resort's Fireworks Display!


  • NO weapons of any kind allowed in the park, NO Dirt Bikes, Mini-Bikes, Motorized Trail Bikes allowed in the park. No Commercial Vehicles allowed in the park without prior approval.


  • TREES/BRUSH: No cutting or burning of any trees or bush in the park or surrounding areas! Parents will be held responsible for any child caught performing such acts or any other acts of damage.


  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be consumed on your campsite only. Unless approved by management, i.e. special events, etc. Loud parties and music as well as immoral conduct, drunkenness, and offensive language etc... WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

  • You will be asked to leave the park without refund! 

  • Maple Grove Resort has the right to limited the number of people gathered on a site after quite hours.


  • COMPLAINTS: If you are disturbed by an unruly camper, please contact the office immediately!

  • DO NOT wait until the next morning to address your complaint as it will be to late for us to address the issue.


  • SMOKING, VAPING, OR USE OF E-CIGARETTES, TOBACCO OR CANNABIS:  The Occupant hereby acknowledges that the smoking or vaping of tobacco or cannabis (medical or recreational), and the use of e-cigarettes (including e-cigarettes containing cannabis, medical or recreational), is prohibited in the Park in accordance with applicable provincial legislation and regulations, as amended from time to time. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the aforementioned smoking, vaping or use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in all Maple Grove Resort buildings including washrooms, laundry room, rec hall, all sheltered (roofed) common areas, pool area and playgrounds and must be at least 20 metres (65.7 ft) away from all.  


  1. If the Occupant generates smoke or vapors from tobacco or cannabis (medical or recreational) that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of other occupants of the Park, the Occupant will be asked to take steps to minimize the interference or disturbance to others or refrain from generating such smoke, subject only to Human Rights considerations.

  2.  The Occupant shall not cultivate, grow, produce, purchase, sell or distribute any cannabis plant or product in any areas within the Park, including on the Site.


The above statements will be enforced if needed. Please do not ruin it for the responsible people.  Please use common sense, be respectful and try to keep it to a very minimal level especially during the day hours of 9am to 11pm. If you absolutely need to do it while your neighbor is out on the deck with their children, please go inside your trailer. There are families next door to you, not everyone agrees with it, not everyone likes the smell or wants their children exposed to it. We are just asking everyone to think of others and not just of themselves as we are a community.


  • Waiver and Release of Claims Assumption of Risk and Consent to Medical Treatment: During your stay at           Maple Grove Resort, if you participate in any of our activities, you agree that you are in good physical health and are able to safely participate in the activities of the Campground and have no medical condition that would make your participation in the activities of the Campground more hazardous. You also agree to receive medical care and transportation as required without any liability to Maple Grove Resort’s owners or employees. You also agree that you are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, nor have you had any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days.                    


  • GARBAGE (KITCHEN ONLY) must be tied in a plastic bag and deposited in the park container upon exiting the park. Depositing of large items lawn chairs, BBQs, mattresses, refrigerators PROHIBITED. It is your responsibility to remove these items from the park. You will be charged a $100.00 dumping fee if caught dropping off any of these types of items.




    • If the lid on the recycling bins are not completely closed, they will not pick it up, do not overfill the bins

    • If the recycling bins are full, please put your recyclables in a transparent clear plastic bag. Close the bag and place the bag next to the recycle bins for pick up

    • Recycling is mandatory in our Region and therefore if recycle is found to be in the garbage their may be       additional fees added to our pick ups and as we all know these are passed onto everyone

    • In our Region (Hamilton) has a two stream recycling system, for proper sorting.

    • Bottles, cans, cartons and jars into one blue box

    • Paper and cardboard into a different blue box.

    • This system is mandatory!

    • Glass, Plastic, Cans, Cartons and Containers

    • All of your bottles, cans, cartons and jars must be empty before you put them in the blue box.

    • Give your bottles, cans, cartons and jars a quick rinse before you put them in the blue box.

    • Throw all your metal lids into the blue box.

    • Plastic bags and plastic product outer wraps (must be bagged together and double tied)

    • Do not overfill the Bin – they will not pick it up if the lid cannot close

    • Bottles, cans, cartons and jars will only be picked up if they are in:

      • One of our blue recycling bins from the City of Hamilton, or

      • A clear plastic bag that is tied at the top.

    • Please take the extra step to empty your tubs, containers, bottles and jars.

    • They cannot separate food from containers at their recycling facility. Full or partially-full containers can't be   recycled. They are considered garbage and have to be sent to the landfill (Extra fees will be added to our     invoice if they find these types items in our garbage or not sorted properly)

    • Paper and cardboard

    • All Cardboard must be flatten before putting in the blue bins

    • If the Paper and Cardboard bins are full then you must flatten and tie your paper and                                     cardboard into bundles no bigger than 76 cm x 76 cm x 20 cm (or 30 in x 30 in x 8 in) place into a clear plastic bag that is tied at the top and placed next to the blue bins 

    • Paper products that don't go in the paper and cardboard stream:

    • Paper coffee cups, paper plates and paper towels go in the garbage, not in the blue bins.

    • If the paper product is difficult to rip, or if there is visible plastic or metallic lining, it is garbage                         – do not put in the blue bins

    • Milk and juice cartons and juice boxes go in your blue box with glass, plastic, cans, cartons and containers – Do not mix these with the Paper and Cardboard

    • If you have any other questions or concerns, please visit The City of Hamilton Recycling


  • SWIMMING POOL and HOT TUB. The rules and regulations MUST be followed, or you may be suspended from use. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no lifeguard on duty. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Maple Grove Resort, its managers, and employees, reserves the right to refuse pool admittance for health and safety concerns, or for any reason. Playing with any of the safety equipment and/or signs is prohibited. Pets, Bicycles, Skate boards etc.. are NOT allowed in any of the resort buildings or pool enclosure


  • SELLING YOUR TRAILER: All trailer sales must go through Maple Grove Resort or it will not be allowed to be     sold in the park. Maple Grove reserves the right to not allow any unit to remain at Maple Grove. A Commission fee (contact office for fees) is required in the form of a deposit from the Purchaser which will be deducted from the agreed purchase price. All trailers listed must be priced to sell at a fair market evaluation and can only be listed for one full season and then taken off the market for another full season before relisting on site or can be pulled and sold off site privately. All new trailers coming into the park must be 10 years of age or newer and must be approved by park management to ensure all regulations are met. We do not re-sell trailers in the park that are 10 years or older unless they are a peak roof park model and approved by management.

      All trailers must have a holding tank and a marine flush toilet.


  • WINTER STORAGE: A commitment/payment for an upcoming season allows you to keep your trailer on site       (Unsupervised) at your own risk during the Park Closed Season. Any trailer left on site, after closing, with no commitment for the upcoming season, may be moved into our storage facility and the appropriate storage fees will apply, if your unit is not moved into our storage area and you choose to remove your trailer in May then the site storage fees will apply, if you do not pull your trailer in May then the appropriate carrying and late fees will apply to your site rates.


  • Hydro and Water lines are turned off and disconnected the day after closing each year.


  • CONTRACTS: Site fees are non-refundable at any time during your contract. All late payments will be charged a late payment fee. All rates include your unmarried children living at home 18 years of age and under and must be listed on the License of Occupation. All site fees must be paid in full by the day of opening – Gate Cards will   not work if there is an outstanding balance on your account.


  • FIRST YEAR – PRORATE: First year pro-rate will begin in June. Prorated amounts are due from the time you give a deposit on a site. After August your prorated amount will be applied to the second year and full rate will apply to current year.


  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: We have three payment options available – see invoice for rates on payment options.

    • OPTION ONE – Payment is due in full by September 14th each year.

    • OPTION TWO- Payment is due in two installments, 50% by September 14th, Balance is due March 14th.

    • OPTION THREE – 8 Equal payments starting September 14th to April 14th.


  • By signing the License of Occupation, you agree to all the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

  • In case of emergency, the Management Team is authorized to move any vehicle without notice or liability.

  • QUIET HOURS are 11:00pm to 9:00 am, Please keep noise and music low at ALL TIMES



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